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Austin Water restrictions by Justin Wilson
July 30, 2011, 11:16 pm
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City of Austin is currently in stage 1 watering restrictions. Read more about this stage below from the city of Austin website.

Stage 1 water use schedule currently in effect

June 21, 2011

Stage 1 water use rules are now in effect.

Austin Water reminds its customers to remain mindful about their water use as Central Texas continues to experience drought conditions.

Stage 1 water restrictions remain in effect for all Austin Water customers. Stage 1 restrictions require all residential and commercial customers adhere to the two-day a week watering schedule.

All outdoor watering must be done before 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m.

Residential customers with addresses ending in an even number can water on Thursday and Sunday.

Residential customers whose addresses end in an odd number can water on Wednesday and Saturday.

Commercial and multifamily customers can water on Tuesday and Friday.

Additional details on Stage 1 restrictions can be found at

There are three triggers to move to Stage 2 water restrictions:

peak day usage for Austin reaches 270 million gallons a day (mgd) in one day

260 mgd for three consecutive days.

There is also a lake-level trigger when Lake Buchanan and Lake Travis combined levels reach 900,000 acre feet.

Austin Water peak day usage for the month of May did not exceed 182 mgd, well below the stage 2 trigger. Combined lake levels of Buchanan and Travis are currently at 1.4 million acre feet. LCRA does not expect to reach the 900,000 acre feet trigger this year unless there is no significant rainfall. However, without rain, LCRA predicts the lakes could fall below 900,000 acre feet this fall.

Stage 2 restrictions include outdoor watering restricted to once a week on the designated watering day unless using a handheld hose or bucket along with other restrictions including but not limited to car washing, outdoor fountains, not serving water at restaurants unless requested by a customer.

Austin Water commends the community for its water conservation efforts during the past year. Becoming a waterwise customer is easy-just know your 3Cs, Commit, Calculate and Conserve. Commit to a waterwise lifestyle, calculate water usage with Austin Water’s online calculator and conserve 10 percent on your daily water usage.


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